Autographs For Pay Getting More Heat in Canada

Some NHL players have backed out of an autograph session–the second flap this season involving paid signings.


Getting NHL players to sign autographs at card shows–or anywhere else that involves a paid scribble–might be getting tougher.

After public pressure embarrassed a couple of Edmonton Oilers who signed at a show last month, some Vancouver Canucks have now bolted out of a signing session there.

Alex Burrows, Taylor Pyatt and Ryan Kesler say they won’t be showing up to collect their money at a December 21 event. What’s been a fairly accepted practice at American card shows is not quite as popular north of the border, even though the players involved still sign plenty of autographs for free. The Edmonton story made national news in Canada and the three Canucks would have likely faced the same heat.

"It was just a misunderstanding with my agent," Burrows told media outlets, who reported the end of the deal this week.