Autographed Quilts? Woman’s Ages Old Projects to be Sold

They’re definitely one-of-a-kind… baseball quilts filled with the marks of deceased Hall of Famers and other baseball legends.

What do you do when you’re a huge baseball fan who sews a mean quilt?

If you were Clara Schmitt Rothmeier and it was the 1950s, you sent pieces of fabric off to as many ballplayers as you possibly locate, hoping for autographs. Times being much different, most of them responded–one even adding a letter of apology for spilling ink on it.

Trouble is, she sewed right over the top of those signatures, putting her own little stamp on it.

Still, it’s a unique and potentially valuable piece, and it even hung in the Baseball Hall of Fame at one time. In fact, her autograph collection was big enough to create more quilts that will be also sold.

So how much is it all worth? And what about the baseball cards she collected along with the autographs?

We’ll find out this weekend when, according to this story in the Post-Dispatch, it all goes on the auction block in Missouri.

See the items here.