Autographed Golf Balls Get Galiardi Going

One Cupertino, California man won’t take no for an answer when it comes to his passion for signatures.

He’s a former college athlete and John Galiardi uses that old tenacity to snare autographs from some famous names. He has signed books and other memorabilia, but the core of his collection are autographs on golf balls. Not just from pro golfers, either.

"There are ways that I can get people to sign when they initially tell me`I don’t sign golf balls,’ " Galiardi says.

Galiardi is also selective about the type of golf ball the person is going to autograph. He does not use generic white Titleists. He prefers rather unique balls that have a significant tie to the particular person from whom he’s attempting to snare a signature.

He told the San Jose Mercury-News he’s used plenty of different methods over the years.