Autograph Successes Turn into…Quilt?

Over 30 years ago, a Missouri woman had good success writing players and managers for autographs. What she did with them all would make Martha Stewart happy…and make some collectors cry.

In an effort to give her young baseball-loving son a memorable gift, Coleen Brown took pen in hand back in 1978, writing to big league teams in search of autographs.

Before a time when signed items from Hall of Famers were hard to obtain for free, well over half of those she wrote came through by signing small pieces of cloth. Her idea? Make a big quilt out of those signatures.

She took the round autographed pieces and stitched over the autographs, creating little baseballs.

We’re guessing they’re no longer able to be authenticated, but you’ve got to admit the quilt is one-of-a-kind. Folks in her hometown think enough of it that they’re putting it on display and the Hannibal, Missouri newspaper tells the full story.