Autograph Sessions Go Hand in Hand With Leafs’ Fortunes

With 8 wins in 19 games, they’re not the worst team in the NHL.  Not even out of the playoff chase.  It’s too early for that.  But the Toronto Maple Leafs have a long way to go.  Toronto lives and dies with its most important franchise and right now, a lot of people are on a kind of hockey life support.

Clark MacArthurAs the Leafs go, so goes the hockey autograph business in Toronto.  The demand for autographs during paid signing sessions has dipped, even in this hockey-mad province.

Frozen Pond, which brings players in for paid signings on a regular basis, doesn’t have people waiting in line for hours like they used to for players like Doug Gilmour.

Still, a few hundred made their way to see a trio of Leafs where the talk was about the effect losing has on business. according to this story in the Gazette.