Super Bowl MVPs and their Rookie Cards

From Bart to Brady and beyond, we’ve got the complete list of Super Bowl MVPs and their first appearance on football cards.

Most Valuable Super Bowl Programs

You can find them just about anywhere now, but the most valuable Super Bowl programs are from those early days when that wasn’t even the name of the game.

Collecting in the New Digital Frontier: Fantasy vs Reality

As the world shifts more toward digital storage, card companies other hobby entities look to come up with a product that appeals to all.

Return of Pitching Creates Quandry for Collectors

Projecting which pitchers might be Hall of Fame material makes collecting baseball cards of pitchers to be a skill in itself.

Baseball Myths: Invest in 27 Year Olds?

Is age 27 really the time when we see breakout candidates become stars? It’s a question for baseball card prospectors and here are a few prime candidates.

Best NBA Player of All-Time? Don’t Forget Who Really Put the ‘O’ in Offense

by Eamonn Donlyn So, the NBA All-Star Game is behind us. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley are 50 years old. And as we’ve heard repeatedly in the media, Jordan supposedly said he would choose Kobe Bryant over LeBron James, so Kobe did his best to show up LeBron down the stretch in the All-Star extravaganza. […]

Basketball Memorabilia Market Still Dominated By You Know Who

Some youngsters have no memory of his Chicago Bulls career, but the rest of the world hasn’t forgotten and Michael Jordan at 50 is still the highest flyer in the basketball market. In fact, the numbers are eye-popping.

Singles No Longer Moving the Market

The proliferation of high end products and limited print run autograph cards have pushed aside the regular edition single. Might virtual cards be the future of collecting?

Market for Vintage Super Bowl Tickets & Stubs is Strong

From the half empty LA Coliseum to the $2 million commercial, the big game has come a long way and that goes for the hobby of collecting Super Bowl tickets. We’ve got a quick glance at what you can expect to pay for some of the biggies.