Authenticators, Yankees Ready for Jeter’s 3000th

Chances are Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit will come at home…and it won’t be just fans who are ready to spring into action when he joins one of baseball’s most elite clubs.

Jeter, who got his 2,997th hit Wednesday night, will resume his quest tonight when the Yanks face Tampa Bay.  The big moment won’t be lost on the folks who oversee bottom lines.

Derek Jeter game used batMajor League Baseball, the Yankees and Steiner Sports will milk the moment for everything it’s worth.

Derek Jeter collectibles have already inched up on eBay, but memorabilia from the milestone game will be treated like holy artifacts.  Chances are the ball will stay in play, unless it’s a homer or ground rule double, but other game-used items, even those that have nothing to do with the hit itself, will be sold for a premium.

And yes, you can bet there will be dirt for sale.  Five gallon buckets are being prepared to serve as chalices for memorabilia that will be created.

Media outlets are chronicling what Jeter’s hit means to the memorabilia market. has an interesting look at the baseballs that will be put into play once Jeter hits 2,999.

WNYC’s blog has some info.

Steiner has already blasted a giant photo of Jeter on its home page.

Word is that Jeter will control the sales of his cleats, wristbands, bats, and batting gloves. The Yankees and Steiner will direct the fate of Jeter’s uniform, warm-up jackets, caps, the dirt, bases and pitching rubber.