Auctionblip Aims to Make Searching Easier

It’s not just for sports collectors, but a new site is hoping to make an impact in the marketplace by doing the auction hunting legwork for buyers.

The pile of large auction catalogs isn’t getting any smaller. No matter if you’re into sports, Americana, comic books or something else, it can take hours combing through the phone book-sized offerings. Those who can’t spare the time and know exactly what they want might find a friend with the launch of

The new venture is an online resource helping collectors maximize their search for specific items to add to their collections.

After paying a one-time annual fee of $99, a user registers his/her email address at the website, enters their top ten "must have" wish list of collectibles, and receives detailed notification from the Auctionblip team once the items become available at auction. The email includes the name of the auction house with the auction date, pictures and description of the item, and the link to the auction website. Auctionblip provides a search engine that works to find these specific items for all collectors.

Auctionblip bills itself as "an all-encompassing resource" benefitting collectors but also increasing business for the auction houses themselves.

"The Auctionblip network was created by a collector, for collectors," said David Epstein, CEO of Auctionblip. "The auction business is a multi-billion dollar industry and is continuing to grow each day as the internet continues to expand the scope of auction markets. With so many auctions taking place each week, there is no way for one person to search every catalogue for a particular item. Auctionblip allows users to enter in specific items they are looking for and sit back while we take care of the rest."

Auctionblip is designed to ensure that collectors have the best information available with the least amount of effort.

"By tapping into Auctionblip’s extensive database, collectors are given
detailed, timely information that provides added assurance that they won’t
miss their item when it goes to auction," said Epstein. "Auction houses
love the idea because they know that this will bring new customers to their
site and more bidders to their auctions."