Auction House Still Battling Ex-Rapper

Robert Edward Auctions is still attempting to collect the remainder of a $760,000 judgment against a former client.

Peter Nash, a baseball historian and collector who once gained fame with the rap group 3rd Bass, sued REA a few years ago over memorabilia he had turned over as collateral for a loan that was sold when REA says the loan wasn’t repaid. REA counter sued and won.  An arrest warrant was then issued for Nash late last year, but it still hasn’t been served.

The auction house has collected some of the money through a court-sanctioned auction, but is now going after the rest.  Nash is claiming foul and the two sides are having it out online and via email.

Nash’s father, a long-time New York City teacher and coach, was recently reprimanded for dipping into a school fund to help his son stave off foreclosure on a home he owned in Cooperstown.  The money has been repaid but that apparently involved another loan and the auction house is wondering why collateral offered up for that money wasn’t turned over to them.

Law enforcement agents are looking into things as well.

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