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As Chris Davis Heats Up, So Do His Cards

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He was a prospect back in 2006.  A Texas guy drafted by the Rangers.  It seemed perfect but after he struck air almost as often as he did cowhide.  A 2011 trade to Baltimore turned the tide and now, Chris Davis baseball cards are among the hottest thing going.

At 27, it’s clear he’s no longer considered a young prospect with the chance to put up huge career numbers but after hitting his 31st homer Sunday, Davis is now the first player in major-league history to have at least 25 Chris Davis 2006 Bowman Draftdoubles and 31 homers by the end of June. He and Manny Machado are on pace to be first pair of teammates to lead MLB outright in homers and doubles since Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1927.  Pretty elite company.  If he plays ten more years, his stats could be pretty impressive if he can maintain his health become an even more complete player.

We’ll leave it to the experts to figure out what turned things around before last season and focus on Chris Davis rookie cards and such.

He first appeared on a baseball card seven years ago when Topps put him in their Bowman line as a draft pick with a facsimile autograph on the front.  It may not be his ‘official’ rookie card but many collectors treat them as such.  The 2006 Bowman Draft Picks and Chrome Draft Picks Davis rookie cards are still reasonably affordable if you don’t want a graded one and you don’t care about parallels or autographed versions.  The picture is the same on each–a head and shoulders shot.

The regular Draft Pick cards are selling for $6-10; still way more than they were a year ago.  It’s the Chrome refractors that have been graded that bring the big money.

Here’s the breakdown for the quantities of each colored refractor in the 2006 Bowman Draft boxes, which obviously is the driving force behind what you’ll pay:

Superfractor # to 1

Red # to 5

Orange # to 25

Gold # to 50

Blue # to 150

Chris Davis 2007 Donruss autoXFractors # to 225

Refractors # to 500

Other Davis baseball cards of note include 2008 Bowman Sterling, 2008 Topps Updates and Highlights, 2008 Topps Heritage (he’s a high number, 671) and 2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition.  Davis, of course, has plenty of cards from the last couple of years.  A 2013 Bowman Purple Ice numbered to 10 sold for $26 recently and it’s those parallels again that draw the most attention.

Davis has only a small number of certified autograph cards in the products of major manufacturers.  He signed for Donruss in 2007 and 2008 and for Upper Deck in 2009.

Here’s a look at the most watched Chris Davis baseball cards on eBay right now.

1 bids - Price: $0.99 - Watchers: 8
Item # 321793266140
2015 Topps Black Printing Plate Chris Davis 1/1 Baltimore Orioles
1 bids - Price: $9.99 - Watchers: 6
Item # 121689066659
2007 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Auto Chris Davis #144 Orioles #'d 270/374
9 bids - Price: $11.50 - Watchers: 4
Item # 231602483000
2015 Topps 2 CHRIS DAVIS Printing Plate 1/1 Baltimore Orioles RARE
1 bids - Price: $7.54 - Watchers: 4
Item # 201379353032
2015 Topps Pro Debut Chris Davis 2/50 pink parallel card Orioles
1 bids - Price: $0.99 - Watchers: 2
Item # 281733611518
2013 Topps Supreme Chris Davis Kangi Autograph Game-Used Relic
1 bids - Price: $0.49 - Watchers: 2
Item # 291503009784
2014 National Treasures Orioles Chris Davis Prime Team Logo Jersey Patch 03/11
2 bids - Price: $2.06 - Watchers: 2
Item # 111698560086
2014 National Treasures Orioles Chris Davis NT Star Jumbo Jersey Patch Book /99
1 bids - Price: $0.01 - Watchers: 2
Item # 121687584065