Artist Gary Cieradkowski Connects with Dad Through Card Designs

They look like they would have come out of packs in some long ago time.  Carefully created images of stars and one-hit wonders from a top notch graphic designer.

But you won’t find them in some ancient unopened pack or some dealer’s box of vintage cards.

Northern Kentucky resident Gary Cieradkowski  creates his own virtual cards, then showcases them on his blog.  Conjuring up images from a long ago period in time, Cieradkowski’s work is eye-catching.  It certainly caught the eye of’s Jim Caple.

He contacted the artist to find out what spurred the idea, which has now evolved into a publication and a physical card set of one of the best Negro Leaguers of all-time.

Caple’s column is worth a read–and the images are definitely worth a look.