Arrest Warrant Issued for New York Dealer

Authorities are looking for the former owner of an upstate New York sports memorabilia shop accused of defrauding customers.

As we reported last summer, Donald “Brendon” Brownson II, 40, was charged with third-degree grand larceny after closing his Omega Sports store in Queensbury, NY and failing to return over $8,000 worth of sports cards, autographed baseballs and other material to a customer who’d given him the items to sell over a period of several months dating back to 2011.

According to local investigators, Brownson closed his store in February, was jailed briefly, posted $1,000 bail but then missed several scheduled court appearances.  He opened a shop last summer in Niagara Falls and was then arrested and charged.

The original store was shut down after Brownson sold tickets for an autograph session featuring pro wrestlers Ultimate Warrior and The Edge, who maintained they hadn’t agreed to the appearance.

Following the Queensbury store closing, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office said about 50 people came forward to report that they’d also been defrauded.  Their names have been turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution according to this story in the Post-Star.