Arrest in Rash of Card Store Burglaries

A 27-year-old man is in jail after Spokane, Washington police say he burglarized three area card shops over the last six weeks.

Robert J. Frates was arrested after the owner of a fourth shop recognized some items he was being offered in trade as those reported stolen earlier this fall.

On October 26, Collector’s Corner reported $10,000 of merchandise was stolen in a burglary.  That incident came just a day after Gameday Sports Cards lost a few hundred dollars in cards.

A week later, Spokane Valley Sportscards was the victim of a $5,000 burglary.

Apparently willing to press his luck a little further, police say Frates tried to trade some of those cards for other items at Sportscards Northwest.  The suspicious owner called police who say they discovered some of the ill gotten booty at a couple of addresses and matched a footprint from one of the burglaries.

We’re not sure what the headline should be here…that a crime may have been solved or that there are four card shops still operating in Spokane, Wash.

Either way, KHQ-TV was covering it.