Are You Running Duplicate Listings on eBay?

Those sellers who sell identical boxes of sports cards or other items in their fixed price listings but create separate listings for each will have to cease and desist by October 26.

eBay made the announcement this week that such listings will be taken down and fees refunded.

The new Duplicate Listing policy specifies that for any Fixed Price listing, the item offered by a seller must be significantly different from the item offered in any of the seller’s other Fixed Price listings.

Multiples of Fixed Price items that are not significantly different must be offered in one multi-quantity Fixed Price listing. If the item is uniquely fitted to specific products, brands or models, the seller can have up to 5 listings.

eBay says the purpose of the policy is to “maximize sales for all sellers on eBay by ensuring that buyers consistently see the widest, most inspiring selection of items relevant to their search”.

The policy is specifically intended to prevent situations where search results are dominated by multiple duplicate listings from the same seller – something eBay says is one of the most common complaints from sellers and buyers.

* A new Duplicate Listing policy will be enforced to prevent search results from being dominated by multiple duplicate listings of the same item from the same seller.

* The item offered in a seller’s Fixed Price listing must be significantly different in buyer benefit and value from items offered in their other Fixed Price listings. In short, sellers may have one Fixed Price listing per identical item. Multiples of an item must be sold in a single multi-quantity Fixed Price listing.

* Starting October 26, eBay will automatically end duplicate Fixed Price listings, keep the best performer, and credit Insertion Fees and listing upgrade fees for the ended listings. Sellers who continue to create duplicate listings for identical items may be subject to a range of additional actions including listing cancellation, loss of fees, limits on account privileges, loss of seller status, and account suspension.

* You may want to take action now to cancel your duplicates and add the quantity to your best performer before October 26 to ensure continuous selling.  To help you quickly and easily identify your duplicate listings, a duplicate listing look-up tool will be available in the next couple of weeks. Be sure to check back for an announcement. Here’s where you’ll find a link to the tool when it’s available.

* Newly listed Fixed Price listings will no longer receive an upfront allotment of impressions in Best Match search results. The clear advantage for all sellers will be to list quantities of the same item in one low-cost, multi-quantity Fixed Price listing.

* For sellers with more than one user ID, the one-listing rule per seller applies across all selling accounts – i.e., the seller can have one listing per item, not one listing per user ID.

* The new policy does not apply to Auction-style listings.

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