Are You a Coollector? New Site Offers Free Listings, Organizing

You can add another new marketplace for organizing buying, selling and trading collectibles online. (that’s an extra ‘o’) launched earlier this month, offering its activity free of charge.

The site is targeting the general collectors’ community as well as professionals looking to expand their collection or to sell collectibles. Several different types of collecting genres are offered, including sports but the category isn’t populated with much of anything as of yet.

Whether it is a whole collection or a single collectible, mass or a single produced item, used or new, users can list their items for sale, exchange or simply organize them in a personal catalog. The site offers a “S.E.C” solution which enables users to simultaneously list items for Sale, Exchange and Catalog, according to their preference.

Coollectors says it also offers its members a social network, in this case, a community of collectors – where users can communicate with other collectors of the same interest, exchange collectibles and share ideas online.

Members also enjoy free resources such as clubs lists, clubs links and information about collectors’ events.