Another Card Collection Lament from the 90s

They’re in their 30s now.  Those eight-to-thirteen-year-old kids of the late 1980s and early 90s who kept the booming baseball card shops in business during the overproduction era are settled now.  College grads. Wives.  Maybe a kid or two.

Then it happens.

The trip to the closet to dig out those old cards.  Or maybe just a wistful trip down memory lane.  They’ve heard the talk.  It can’t be true.  Surely they must be worth something.

It’s a kick to the stomach to find out not only aren’t they worth much, but no one wants to buy them either.

The realization has spawned dozens of articles written by those who went from reading the inside of a Beckett magazine to writing for newspapers, magazines and hip online destinations.

Penn Collins is the latest to take out his frustrations on the keyboard in this story for