Andrew Luck Will Sign for Upper Deck

Collectors who pulled redemption cards out of 2012 Upper Deck football products now know whose card they’ll be getting.  On Friday, the company announced a trading card and autograph deal with Andrew Luck and its his autograph those who pulled the special ‘trade’ card will be getting.

2012-Exquisite-Collection-FThe company’s exclusive deal with the Collegiate Licensing Company will allow Upper Deck to produce licensed Stanford trading cards of Luck in mainstream trading card sets for the first time. Additionally, collectors can expect to find Andrew Luck cards and autograph cards in upcoming 2013 Upper Deck football releases.

“Being able to provide collectors with one of the most-valuable rookies of the 2012 season is a big win for Upper Deck,” said Brandon Miller, collegiate sports brand manager for Upper Deck. “Andrew Luck racked up just about every award you could imagine at Stanford and he is continuing to break records in the pros. We know there has been a lot of speculation over who the ‘Trade Upper Deck’ card would be good for and we are thrilled to announce it will be Andrew Luck. Getting his rookie cards into the market for collectors is a top priority for us and signing this deal was the first step to getting that done.”

Collectors can find Upper Deck Andrew Luck cards in 2011 Exquisite Collection Football, 2012 Upper Deck Football, 2012 SPx Football, 2012 SP Authentic Football and the newly released 2012 Exquisite Collection Football.  Upper Deck released a photo of a signed Luck Exquisite trade card numbered to 99.

The online market for the trade cards has been uncertain and prices have been strong but varied. Click here to track the current market on eBay.