Analyzing 60 Days of T206 Card Sales

More than one half million dollars worth of T206 baseball cards sold on eBay during a recent 60-day period according to Sports Collectors Daily research.  The numbers paint an interesting portrait of which cards sold for the most money, which type of auctions result in sales and just how many T206 cards are being offered to the public.

T206 Ty Cobb greenFrom October 11 through December 9, there were 13,610 listings for T206 inside the Sports Card and Memorabilia category on eBay.  About 40 percent of those cards actually sold, which indicates that there are a lot of people buying the century-old cards but also that more than half of the cards are priced too high.

The T206 set is one of collecting’s most popular, despite a few extremely scarce cards that make compiling a truly complete set  a monumental task requiring a lot of disposable income.   The average selling price of a T206 card during the time frame was $92.55.  The 5,647 cards that changed hands sold for a total of $522,617.

For sellers wondering whether it makes a difference how long you set your auction to run, the answer would seem to be yes, at least during the period we charted.

79% of the T206 cards listed on a 10-day auction run sold, compared to 56% of seven-day auctions and just 36% for five-day auctions.  Interestingly, though, 54% of three-day auctions closed successfully.

Zach Wheat T206 PSA 8During the 60-day period, the vast majority of high dollar sales involved professionally graded and authenticated cards.  The highest price paid was $8500 for an SGC 84 Ty Cobb green background/Piedmont back.

Here’s a list of the top 10 cards sold during the period:

  • Ty Cobb green background (Piedmont)  SGC 84  $8500
  • Sherry Magie error card PSA 1.5  $5600
  • Zach Wheat PSA 8  $5200
  • Cobb green border BVG 5   $4300
  • Cobb green border PSA 5   $3700
  • Cy Young bare hand showing SGC 84  $3328
  • Bill O’Hara St. Louis variation PSA 3  $2800
  • Ty Cobb bat on shoulder PSA 5  $2400
  • Happy Smith  PSA 8  $2395
  • Wid Conroy  PSA 8  $2395