Alex Gordon, Meet Reggie Bush

Topps is creating a mini-sensation among 2006 football card collectors with a Reggie Bush jersey variation courtesy of the NFL’s stubborness.

It’s not quite the same as the Alex Gordon hysteria that swept through the spring and early summer, but Topps is capturing some attention once again with the Reggie Bush jersey variation card.

Bush, who wore No. 5 at USC, was photographed wearing that number in the rookie photo shoot shortly after the NFL draft. His appeal to continue wearing the number was turned down by the No Fun League, which continues to dictate that no running back numbers can be single digits. Bush then switched to #25, but not before Topps’ first printing was on it’s way to stores.

The Bush jersey #5 card is available only in the company’s pre-packaged Saints’ team sets which are widely available when collectors haven’t already snapped them up. All other Topps products show Bush wearing #25, although the photo was apparently doctored instead of re-shot.

The cards are generating some decent action on eBay as collectors anticipate a stellar career for the Heisman Trophy winner. A list of recently completed sales shows a variety of prices, but most have gone for $6-8 each.