Alert Dealer Helps Cops Retrieve Gault’s Stolen Super Bowl Ring

An alert sports memorabilia dealer is being credited for helping reunite former Chicago Bears’ wide receiver Willie Gault with his Super Bowl XX ring.  According to TMZ, the collector knew from their news reports that the ring had been stolen.  He spotted the diamond decorated bling at a downtown Los Angeles jewelry store and notified police.

Detectives made a trip to the store and the ring was still there–along with some of the jewelry stolen from Gault’s home in November.  Total value of the theeft was more than $100,000, with the ring accounting for a good chunk of that.

The ’85 Super Bowl ring includes 40 diamonds, including a half-carat diamond in the center surrounded by 13 smaller diamonds.

According to the L.A. Times, detectives also recovered “five stolen watches, a wedding ring and a 1983 Washington Redskins Super Bowl ring.”

Ramin Cohan, 46, of Beverly Hills , who owns the store on South Broadway– has been charged with receiving stolen property. His bail was set at $20,000.