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Albany Shop Owners Keep Business Family Oriented

Just about everyone thought they could make a living selling baseball cards in 1990.  And for awhile, it was almost true.

Everything sold.

Not every experience with a dealer was a positive one, though.  And that's why two women from Albany, Georgia decided they could do it better--or at least be more fair.

Gladys Dollar and Nicki StephensGladys Dollar and Nicki Stephens wound up as business partners in a business now known as Comic and Cards Inc.  They started small, but in a few years, the business was successful.

The market isn't quite as hot as it once may have been, but having a diverse inventory helps and so does being the only game in town.  They've outlasted those other dealers by keeping their business family-centered, encouraging parents to start collecting so the kids will follow.

The rise of a big time prospect who hails from the area has helped heat up this year's card sales.  Read the story of a successful small card shop in the Albany Herald.

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