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Against Long Odds, Fans Still Wait for Jeter

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You could say they’re die-hard fans.  Dedicated collectors.  Addicted to the chase.

You could also say they’re crazy.

JetersignedphotoEvery day, a big line of adults and a few kids wait for Derek Jeter to finish his morning workout in his hometown of Tampa.   He won’t report to spring training for quite a few more days.  Some of those in line have been waiting for hours.

For an autograph they can buy online for a few hundred dollars.

But it isn’t the same.

So wait they do, trying to obey the orders of a security guard who seems hell bent on humiliating them for what they’re trying to do.

The odds that the Yankees’ long-time captain and most popular player since Mickey Mantle will stop and accommodate them all with a quick signature are pretty long.  The odds that he’ll stop and sign a few are less than 50/50.

But, as this story and photos from the New York Times indicate, there’s always hope and sometimes there are other players to get.

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