Accountant’s Office a Lakers Shrine

Maybe it’s not the most valuable Lakers collection in the world, but it’s one of the biggest and quirkiest.

Mark Maughan doesn’t have Wilt Chamberlain’s game worn sneakers or George Mikan’s glasses. David Kohler snapped those up. But he does have a Kohler-like devotion to the Lakers…dating back before they actually were the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Fountain Valley, California accountant is more fan than collector, although he has plenty of Lakers memorabilia. Enough, at least, to fill up a room at his office–and then some.

He goes more for effect than investment potential but at age 60, he shows no signs of slowing down. Maughan will be passing out Lakers jerseys to anyone who cares to watch game 3 of the NBA Finals with him.

And even though he does not have Wilt’s old Chuck Taylors, he does have a sneaker of note, according to a story (and 16 photos) in the Orange County Register.