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Dedicated collectors visit Sports Collectors Daily on a regular basis as well as those who find us on the web and are seeking someone who will buy their cards and memorabilia or are interested in starting to collect.  Are you looking to advertise sports collectibles or related items?  You’ve come to the right place.

It’s not just about ‘clicks’.  Your ad should be thought of as a billboard, establishing your brand in the minds of those who see it.  There are other ways we can help you reach customers as well.  We’d also welcome your ideas.

Online advertising isn’t just a good idea these days–it’s a must. Why advertise sports collectibles in a print publication when you’re selling on the web and your customer is already there?  We carry the largest variety of articles on sports cards and sports memorabilia anywhere.  That’s huge.  It means when people are searching for information, more often than not, it’s one of our articles that they find.

Advertising is available for virtually every budget.  If you have an idea for sponsoring a feature or want to get a little creative in establishing a presence here, we’ll be glad to consider something that would help you–and our readers.

Discounts are offered for longer-term commitments.

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