Abdul-Jabbar Suing Upper Deck

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has filed a lawsuit against Upper Deck over what he claims is the unauthorized use of images featuring his likeness.

The Hall of Fame center says Upper Deck’s  “Greats of the Game” series includes cards that he didn’t authorize.

“Abdul-Jabbar never authorized the production of the cards,” claims the suit, which was filed in Superior Court and seeks a minimum of $1 million.

“In fact, at all times, Upper Deck was fully aware that Abdul-Jabbar had never authorized Upper Deck to use his photograph, name and signature for college-themed cards, and Abdul-Jabbar had previous rejected Upper Deck’s request for such authorization.”

The cards feature players in their college uniforms and whether Upper Deck is required to receive approval from individual players is one issue that could be put to the test with this suit.

Among the claims listed in the suit, Abdul-Jabbar is accusing Upper Deck of  “unjust enrichment” and violations of unfair competition laws.


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