Abandoned Storage Locker Yields Sports Stuff

A moving company opened an abandoned storage locker and found a few unexpected items.

With a name like College Hunks Hauling Junk, you know there has to be a story there somewhere.

The Orlando, Florida moving company has some young sports fans among its employees and they were surprised to find a normally dull job livened up by a recent find.

Inside an abandoned storage locker they were hired to clean out, the company found three boxes full of sports memorabilia. None of it had apparently been touched in a decade. The less-than-ideal Florida climate had taken its toll on some of the signed collectibles, but there was plenty left over.

Are they real? You be the judge.

Anything that’s worth saving is on its way to a charity auction, according to the Orlando Sentinel which featured the story and a taped interview with the owner of the company.