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A House of Black and Gold

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He lives in Georgia now, but George Danesky is a Pennsylvania guy.

More specifically, he's a Steelers guy.

Steelers memorabiliaNo one is more excited for Sunday's AFC Championship than the semi-retired fan whose home bears tribute to his favorite team.

Danesky is a collector of  Steelers memorabilia.  Jerseys, helmets, autographs, prints...and the stuff that's not archive material, too.

His house is big--and half of it is filled with items relating to his favorite franchise.  His basement is the ultimate Steelers man cave.

Danesky isn't just a guy who has a favorite team, though.  He has a special connection to the franchise, which he shared with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in this blog that also includes photos of his jam-packed Steelers shrine.

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