A Babe Ruth Rookie Card in the Closet

1914 Babe Ruth Once a valued part of a long-time sports fan’s collection, it sat undisturbed for 20 years before his family got around to finding out what a Babe Ruth rookie card might be worth. The answer? Plenty.

The auction ended last spring, but the story of how one of the most desired baseball cards in existence was found has finally been told.

Bristol, Rhode Island resident John Jay Barry was a devoted sports fan and writer who built a nice collection of cards until his death in 1985. His family kept the old football programs, baseball cards and other material in the same closet for 20 years. They weren’t oblivious to the fact that vintage Babe Ruth baseball cards were valuable, but they wanted to know more.

Finally, his son made some inquiries and card, along with another rare Ruth item, wound up being stars in a major auction as spelled out by Adam Cote of East Bay Newspapers.

“This has been very exciting. It’s been like winning the lottery for us, only more fun,” said a family representative when all was said and done.

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