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Rich Klein: Ramblings on Razzes

Buying a chance to ‘win’ with no guarantee you’ll get anything seems like a gray area, at best. Rich Klein with some thoughts on sports card ‘razzes’.

Rich Klein: Volunteers Invaluable at Show

Rich Klein says his fundraising show was a success, thanks in large part to volunteers and donors.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Filling a Need is Just Part of Hobby’s Evolution

An autograph authenticator’s business grew from the lawless days of the 80’s.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Mailbag Edition

Rich’s inbox is full and he’s answering emails including one from a shop owner across from an unusual tourist attraction.

Rich Klein: Stadium Club, Topps Tek Make Return As Redemption Issues Drag On

Topps confirms it’s bringing back Stadium Club and Tek. Rich Klein has thoughts on that along with the business of licensing and redemption cards as the Industry Summit continues in Las Vegas.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Recalling the Strike of ’94, Turkey Red Base Sets and When SI Sold Issue #1 for a Song

Rich Klein is rambling about the 1994 baseball strike, the Turkey Red base set, an upcoming hobby book by an old friend, and when one dealer found Sports Illustrated selling its first issue dirt cheap.

Rich Klein: Support for Base Cards, a Thief, Show Update, APB

Rich Klein examines reader reaction to his post backing base cards, wary card shop owners in Dallas, a Plano show update and more in his latest Ramblings.

Rich Klein: Vintage Card Distribution Mysteries

Rich Klein is challenging age old notions about distribution through the likes of 1958 Topps, 1962 Green Tints and others. Oh yeah…and remembering Choo Choo Coleman.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Sorting to a Science

Is spending hour upon hour sorting and organizing cards worth it in the end? If you’re a company that’s carved a niche for dealing with the volume end of things, the answer is yes.

Rich Klein: The Long Running Saga of Tough and Easy

Knowing your cards means knowing which ones are in shorter supply than others. Rich Klein has some interesting information about card distribution back in the day.

Rich Klein: When it Comes to Pricing, Nothing’s Exact

A lesson learned from a radio talk show host can be applied to pricing baseball cards as a big hobby outlet decides how to put values on them.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: What’s Next for COMC?

A partnership with Beckett dissolves. Could it open the door for another company with pricing info?

Rich Klein: Milquetoast Ramblings …and Rookie Card Labels

A fraudster calling him a fraudster? Klein says that’s rich. He’s also got some recollections about rookie card labels and a #1 song produced by a collector.

Rich Klein: Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

There’s a new sports card show coming to the Dallas area as Rich Klein’s idea for a fundraiser comes to fruition.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Musings During the ‘Great’ Dallas Ice Storm

Rich Klein’s latest Ramblings includes some reader feedback, shop owner feedback to blaster boxes sometimes being a better deal…and more.

Rich Klein: Beckett Business Solutions Aims to Aid Collector, Shop Owner

Beckett Business Solutions will launch early next year, aimed at uniting dealers around the country to help collectors find what they’re looking for. Not much is known yet but they’ve brought a hobby veteran on board to help steer.

Rich Klein: Holidays Can Be Fun for Collectors; Valuable Time for Businesses

Rich Klein has some ideas on how sports card shops and other businesses can boost sales–and their image–during the holidays.

Rich Klein: Best Way to Enjoy Hobby is to Accept Inevitable Evolution

Rich Klein says the hobby is always evolving and despite naysayers who long for a past that’s not coming back, there are plenty of new ways to participate.

Rich Klein’s Ramblings: Money Keeps Players Out of Reach

Rich Klein recalls the days when big league stars may have been your neighbor and wonders if those days are gone for good. He’s also got some other notes from hobby friends.

Rich Klein: Mike Cramer Was Collector, Dealer, Card Maker

Mike Cramer, former owner of Pacific Trading Cards, was a big-time collector who also shot his own pictures for some of his company’s cards.