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1970 Topps Rack and Tray Packs: An Overview

They were a good deal at the time, but finding 1970 Topps rack and grocery rack packs is a tall order.

Required Reading: Hobby News and Notes

Marty Brodeur, super collector; Don West’s new job; Steve Hart talks fake ’70 grocery cello packs and some very cool vintage baseball memorabilia on eBay.

1970 Baseball Cards eBook Offers Trip Back in Time

It’s here…the brand new eBook that’ll transport you back to an era when packs had gum and sold for a dime. The new Ultimate Collectors Guide to 1970 Baseball Cards is ready to download.

Editor’s Blog: How I Spent My Weekend, Court Update, Hockey Jersey Video, Free Stuff

A new look for the office, our new e-book gets closer, an update on the REA vs Nash case reveals missing tax payments, NFL brothers who were teammates on vintage trading cards… and more as a new week begins.

Rare Wrappers from the 1970s

A look at some scarce 1970s Topps baseball wrappers.

1962 Topps: Sales Info Offers A Trip Back in Time

Fifty years ago, Topps salesmen were preparing to hit the road, pitching those wood-grain beauties we now know as 1962 Topps. Unopened pack guy has more on the process–and the stunning return on investment one could have had by saving just one case.

Like to Crack Codes? The Mystery of 1970s Football Cello Pack Production

Football card cello packs from the 1970s provide a little production and marketing intrigue.