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Tips for selling on eBay: Listings that Rock


If your profits aren’t measuring up, it might be time to revisit some tips for selling your sports card and such on eBay.

1961 Topps Baseball: Still Magic After 50 Years

1961 Topps wrapper

Fifty years have passed since the 1961 Topps cards came out of wax packs, but collectors still love it.

2011 Baseball Breakout Candidates

Bumgarner Chrome auto rookie

Five guys whose cards you may wish you’d have bought before the season started.

Ohio State Scandal a Reflection of Game Used Market


Once they were probably considered little more than stinky old jerseys and trinkets. Not anymore.

Knowing How to Deal With Dealers Can Help Save Cash

sports card show tables

Some tips on getting the most bang for your card show buck.

Topps’ Top 60 Cards: The Forgotten Finalists

1952 Topps Jackie Robinson

Topps has chosen dozens of cards for fans and collectors to vote on for the company’s top 60 all time. Here’s one man’s list of cards that should have made the cut.

How This Year’s NFL Rookie Cards Are Driving Sales

2010 Topps Platinum Sam Bradford auto

A strong rookie class and better odds of pulling one of their cards have resulted in solid sales of 2010 football cards.

If Football Is Top Spectator Sport; Why Are Baseball Cards Still King?

2010 Panini Peyton Manning

The NFL may capture our interest more, but baseball is still king of the collecting market.

Understanding the T207 Baseball Set


Last week’s news regarding the discovery of more Red Cross backed T207 cards put the focus on one of the more underappreciated old tobacco sets.

1970 Kellogg’s Baseball Set Turns 40

1970 Kellogg's Lou Brock

The ’70 Kellogg’s baseball set kept kids busy buying cereal and launched a 14-year franchise.

Top NFL Rookie Picks for 2010

Jahvid Best

Some names to consider when picking the next hot NFL rookie card.

1985 Topps: So Much Promise, So Much Disappointment

1985 Topps baseball

It was once THE set to own from the ’80s. What happened?