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Topps Collectibles Include More Than Just Cards

1971 Topps football poster Dick Butkus

Collecting vintage Topps cards isn’t enough. You’ve got to dabble in some of the hobby’s early ‘inserts’.

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Signed Memorabilia, Card Collecting Themes

1952 Topps Willie Mays

When you have so many baseball cards and autographs that you can’t seem to separate them into any kind of coherent fashion, maybe it’s time to create a theme or two.

2009 NFL Rookie Breakout Candidates

As training camp gets underway, which players might have a rookie card to remember in 2009?

The Original: 1951 Topps Magic Set

Topps’ 2009 Magic Football set is an ode to the earliest real football card set produced by the company–one that’s fairly affordable.

Best Bets for 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame Election

Rickey Henderson, Jim Rice and Joe Gordon are in and prices are up. So in whom who should you be investing your autograph and baseball card dollars for next year?

Reaping the Benefits of Baseball Card Math, Geography

Why baseball cards made us all smarter kids.