80 Year-old Grandma Keeps Game-Used Jerseys Spiffy

Chicago White Sox jerseys get seamstress\' touch Joan Layton has been the seamstress for Tucson’s Major League spring training residents for 43 years. She’s still the go-go gal for making sure the uniforms are uniform.

It began with the Cleveland Indians laundry in 1964. She graduated to jerseys, pants and chest protectors. This 80 year-old Arizona resident is still on the payroll, patching uniforms for the big leaguers in the spring and the minor leaguers in the summer.

But Major League Baseball has introduced new spring training jerseys this year, made of a lighter material, with names and numbers that are pressed on, not stitched. That means about half as much work for Joan — and less money, because she gets paid by the item.