6 Stolen Jerseys Recovered; Collectors Donate More

The thief who hid inside a Canadian auto dealership and then stole signed NHL jerseys destined for a charity auction may be having a change of heart.

Six of the ten pilfered jerseys were recovered in an office building on Wednesday.

The case has gotten a lot of attention in British Columbia, in part because of the video and pictures that show the crime taking place and also because the jerseys were supposed to raise money for a local children’s hospital.

While police were rounding up the stolen shirts left in a bag inside an elevator, collectors and fans were stepping up with offers to help make up for what charity tournament organizers were hoping could be $10,000 worth of auction items.

One anonymous collector donated several signed jerseys and a stick signed by Pavel Bure and Alexander Mogilny.

“And he couldn’t express his outrage at the crime fast enough,” said Vancouver Police spokesman Lindsey Houghton.  “And he couldn’t express his desire to give these to us to support the charity.”

Rocky Mountain Sports has also donated five signed Canucks jerseys.

The thief also left a laptop stolen from the dealership in the bag.  He hasn’t been apprehended yet, nor have the other four jerseys.

CTV has more on the story.