$50,000 Reward for Cup-Winning Puck

It had been 49 years since the Chicago Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup so you can forgive them–a little–for not knowing how to preserve artifacts from the the big moment when they became 2010 NHL champions.

It seems in all of the excitement, the Hawks forgot to get the puck that Patrick Kane fired into the net in overtime that gave them a 3-2 win and brought Lord Stanley’s coveted cup back to Chicago.

It’s officially MIA, even according to the team.

So, they’re calling on Harry Caray’s Restaurant to find it.  The eatery has offered a major reward for the puck.

“Harry Caray’s restaurants is putting out a $50,000 offer to buy that puck — as long as it can be authenticated as to being the actual puck,” CEO of the Caray Restaurant Group, Grant DePorter,  said Monday.

DePorter, you’ll recall, is the guy who bought the famous “Bartman Ball” that helped cost the Cubs a trip to the World Series a few years ago.  He spent over $113,000 on that–and then blew it up.  Remnants were turned into steam, which was used to cook spaghetti sauce (if it was supposed to break the curse, a check of recent history would indicate it didn’t work).

This time, Harry Caray’s says the puck would go into a special place of honor in the Chicago Sports Museum at Harry Caray’s Tavern on Navy Pier.