49ers Collector Started in the 1950s; Now Has More Than 2,500 Items

Martin Jacobs was one of those kids who combed the stands after games at the old Kezar Stadium in San Francisco back in the days of Joe Perry and Hugh McElhenny.

He picked up anything he could get his hands on:  tickets, programs and if he was lucky, a player might toss him something while leaving the field.

Now 69, the 49ers super collector has a massive collection of Niners goods from every era.

And it all started with a Mean Joe Greene-like moment with McElhenny.

“I saw him getting into a pink Cadillac,” Jacobs says, remembering the 1955 encounter. “I said, ‘Can I have a souvenir?’ He said, ‘I’ve got my torn jersey.’ “

With that exchange, Jacobs was on his way to becoming the greatest private collector of 49ers memorabilia in San Francisc.

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