Over 3,500 T206 Cards Including Wagner Coming to Auction

A huge hoard of more than 3,500 T206 baseball cards including the famed Honus Wagner card  is coming to auction this fall.

SCP Auctions’ David Kohler and Dan Imler secured them from a private collector living in the northeast last week.

PSA 1 T206 Honus Wagner PSA 1The previously ungraded Wagner was encapsulated by PSA with a grade of Poor (1) on site at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. The card was on display all four days at the SCP Auctions booth at the International Exposition Center.

According to Robert Edward Auctions, the card was sold in June of 1995 in ungraded form, for around $39,000.  REA billed the card as the ‘Cooperstown Wagner’ as it had been on display in a shop not far from the Baseball Hall of Fame for  two years. REA sold another PSA 1 Wagner for $402,900.00  in April of last year.

The collection of cards SCP is calling the ‘Chesapeake Find’ also includes other scarce cards including an Eddie Plank and  multiples of rarities such as Sherry Magie, Ray Demmitt, Bill O’Hara and others.

Dozens each of Hall of Famers such as Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Cy Young, Walter Johnson, et al are represented, including more than 50 different Cobb cards. Rare backs and print variations are sprinkled throughout the group.

After many are graded, the cards will be featured as part of SCP’s Fall 2014 Premier auction.