In the Memorabilia Cave With Dave

Some won’t admit it.  Others don’t want anyone to know about their collections.  David “Boomer” Wells isn’t shy at all.  When it comes to expressing an opinion on baseball or collecting baseball memorabilia, Wells is ready to talk.

You might remember the day the big hurler wore one of Babe Ruth’s old caps in a game several years ago.  What collectors call one of the coolest things in baseball history got him a big fine from MLB.

Now, a TV analyst for Fox, Wells spent 21 years pitching in the major leagues and might have played for every team if he could have extended his career by a few more years.

Along the way, he managed to save a game-worn jersey or three from every team.  In his San Diego home, he’s built a shrine to his career–and the game.  Wells owns numerous Ruth items, some of them signed.  He’s got stadium seats, a big collection of modern and vintage autographed baseballs, old World Series programs and a lot more.

This week, he let fans into his man cave (and the lighting makes it indeed seem like a cave) for an episode of Cheap Seats:

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