2015 Topps Heritage Includes Scratch ‘n Sniff Cards

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball is set for release Wednesday, March 4 with the design focused around the company’s 1966 card set.  You might feel like you’re back in ’66 if you are lucky enough to pull what are ‘scratch ‘n sniff’ variations to certain cards.

In the hours ahead of the official release, some dealers were opening cases of the product and came across card backs that had a white strip or two, sort of like the wax stains you may have found on cards years ago.  Rubbing a finger across it, they say, revealed a slight aroma of the gum we got with packs of cards until the early 1990s.

Topps says the “gum damage’ variations appear on all 500 subjects in the base card set but that’s an odd term to use considering it was the wax seal Scratch n Sniff 2015 Topps Heritagethat left a skid mark on the bottom card in each back during the days when gum came with packs, not the gum.

So far, it appears as if there are about a half dozen scratch ‘n sniff cards per case of Heritage so they will be hard to find.

Once again, there will be 24 packs per hobby box of Heritage.  A full checklist is linked below.

Each Heritage box will contain one autograph or relic card as well as a box loader that could includeJose Abreu 2015 Topps Heritage Mariano Rivera Topps Heritage Punch OutAd Panels, three-card strips with an ad on the back, original 1966 Topps cards foil-stamped with a 50th anniversary logo and 1966 Oversized Punch Boards, styled after the vintage Topps Punch Out game with an insert version numbered to 50, Jumbo Patches numbered to 25, autographs numbered to 10 and 2015 Topps Heritage Cubs Rookiesautographed Jumbo Patches numbered to 10. There is a 425-card base set in 2015 Topps Heritage with 75 additional short prints to be chased. Base card photo variations include Throwback uniforms and In Action images.  Parallels include Blue backs, Minis (# to 100), Chrome Variation, Chrome Refractor, black-bordered Chrome Refractors (# to 66) and gold-bordered Chrome (# to 5). Some of the off-season moves in baseball are reflected with back variations that reflect the player’s new team.

2015 Heritage Clubhouse Collection Mike Trout autoLou Brock autograph 2015 Topps HeritageTopps says all autographs will be on card and red ink versions numbered to 66.  There will be dual autographs (# to 25) and triple (# to 5) randomly packed as well.

Heritage Clubhouse Collection Autograph Relics are hand-numbered to 25 with dual relics numbered to 10 while Flashbacks autograph relics are numbered to 25.  There are also 1/1 cut signatures.

Relic cards include Clubhouse Collection Single uniform and bat relic cards of active stars with gold parallels numbered to 99; dual relics with swatches from bats and uniforms featuring present and past players, numbered to 66; with new triple relics (# to 25) and quad relics (# to 10) part of the package.

Clubhouse Collection Relic 2015 Topps HeritageHarmon Killebrew Heritage quarterCoin and stamp relics are back with 1966 nickels numbered to 15, dimes to 10 and quarters to five.  There is a JFK silver half dollar 1/1.

Postage stamp relics feature a photo of an event or player with a stamp issued in 1966.  Those are numbered to 50.

Clayton Kershaw New Age Performers Insert cards will include New Age Performers, matched with players in the same mold as superstars from 1966, Then and Now, Baseball Flashbacks and News Flashbacks.

Masahiro Tanaka 2015 Topps HeritageTopps will draw on its non-sport heritage for some of its buyback cards that will be randomly packed including Rub-Offs; Batman, Get Smart and Lost In Space, all stamped with a 50th anniversary logo.

Topps is known for mimicing the many quirks of the original master set.  Here’s a list of 1966 Topps errors and variations that could translate into similar, but intentional, errors and variations in Heritage.

Pre-sales for 2015 Topps Heritage Baseball are generally $65-75 per hobby box.  You can see boxes for sale via eBay by clicking here.

You can see Heritage singles as they are listed by clicking here.

2015 Topps Heritage Baseball Checklist

Look for 2015 Heritage High Numbers baseball later this year.