2014 Topps Supreme Football Arrives

2014 Topps Supreme Football arrived at hobby shops on Wednesday, with one high-end hit per 4-card Jadeveon Clowney auto 2014 Topps Supreme Footballpack. That low population card will be either an autograph, autograph relic or relic card.

2014 Topps Supreme Football hobby boxThe product will again be a mix of rookies, veterans and former NFL players including Hall of Famers.

One-pack boxes are around $80-100 each.

Each 16-box case will deliver a total of:

  • 4 Autographed Relic Cards
  • 3 Autograph Rookie Cards
  • 1 Multi-Player Autograph Card
  • 2 Single Autograph Cards
  • 1 additional of the Above Hits
  • 5 Supreme Relic Cards

The checklist for standard autographed cards will include up to 40 elite veteran and retired NFL players. Base versions will be sequentially numbered with blue, violet and red (1/1) parallels.

2014 Topps Supreme autographed Emmitt Smith patch cardThere will be:

  • Autographed Patches with Blue (# to 25), Violet (# to 10) and Red (1/1) Parallels
  • Autographed Quad Relics with Blue (# to 10), Violet (# to 5) and Red (1/1) Parallels
  • Autographed Jumbo Relics with Violet (# to 5) and Red (1/1) Parallels
  • New 1/1 Team Logo Patch book cards

Autographed rookie cards will come with Blue, Violet, Green and Red Parallels as well as Printing Plates.

Multi-player autograph cards will include dual versions featuring up to 50 players.  There will be:

  • QUAD AUTOGRAPH-Up to 10 cards. Sequentially #’d to 5
  • SIX AUTOGRAPH DOUBLE-SIDED -Up to 3 cards. Sequentially #’d to 5
  • EIGHT AUTOGRAPH BOOKS- Up to 3 cards. Sequentially #’d to 5

Supreme Rookie Dual Autograph Die-Cut Relic Book Cards will feature up to 20 top rookie pairings with large relic swatches and autographs sequentially #’d to 5

Dual Autograph Patch Book Cards will have up to 20 different cards featuring rookie, veteran and retired NFL players. Sequentially #’d to 15 with 1/1 red parallels.

Two different box loaders will be randomly packed.  They include

  • Autographed QB Playbook Book Cards-Over-sized book cards featuring a quarterback autograph alongside his favorite hand-drawn play.
  • Topps 2014 Supreme Football Rookie Quad Combo PatchNickname Autograph Book Cards- Over-sized book cards featuring an autograph alongside a 2014 NFL rookie-inscribed nickname hand-signed in silver ink on a black card.

Relic (non-autographed) cards will include:

  • Rookie quad relic patch Kelvin BenjaminRookie Quad Patch Cards- Featuring up to 40 different rookies with four patches per card.  Blue parallels numbered to 15, Violet numbered to 5 and 1/1 Red Parallels.
  • Rookie Quad Combo Patch Cards- Featuring up to 20 different rookie patch combinations.  Blue parallels numbered to 15, Violet numbered to 5 and 1/1 Red Parallels.
  • Supreme Rookie Die-Cut Relic Cards– Featuring up to 40 rookie players with Supreme-sized relic swatches. There will be Violet Patch Parallels numbered to 25 and 1/1 Red Parallels.
  • 2014 Topps Museum Sammy Watkins auto patchJumbo Supreme Patch Cards–  Up to 40 subjects featuring giant multi-colored patches. #’d 1/1
  • 1/1 Jumbo Supreme Glove Relic Cards-Up to 40 subjects featuring giant pieces of player-worn gloves.
  • Letter Patch Cards-Up to 100 different 1/1 cards featuring jersey letter patches of standout rookies, elite veterans and retired stars.
  • Supreme Tags-Up to 60 laundry tag 1/1 relic cards.
  • Supreme Shields– Up to 40 NFL Shield logo 1/1 relic cards.
  • Veteran Quad Relic Cards – Up to 25 different veteran cards. Each card will showcase 3 jersey swatches and 1 jersey patch.  Platinum Patch Parallel #’d 1 of 1

Adrian Peterson 2014 Topps SupremeThe base card set will have these parallels:

  • Blue Parallel Sequentially #’d
  • Violet Parallel Sequentially #’d to 150
  • Sepia Parallel Sequentially #’d to 99
  • Green Parallel Sequentially #’d to 50
  • Red Parallel Sequentially #’d 1 of 1
  • Printing Plates #’d 1 of 1

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2014 Topps Supreme Football Checklist