2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Preview and Full Checklist

2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball marks the return of the name that launched the ‘premium’ brand in sports cards and we now know more about the return of a product that first made its debut back in 1991 and last appeared in 2008.  Topps has offered a sneak preview at the product but you won’t find this one at your local Walmart or Target.  It’s exclusive to online dealers and hobby shops.  A complete, downloadable checklist is below.

The Finest base set will consist of 200 cards with each pack containing five of the brand’s signature full-bleed photo cards.

2014 Stadium Club Buster Posey2014 Stadium Club Bryce HarperTopps will bring back inserts from past sets like Beam Team, Triumvirates — including Luminous, Luminescent, and Illuminator versions along with Lone Star Autographs.

2014 Topps Stadium Club Andrew McCutchenThere will be three mini boxes of six packs inside each master box of 2014 Stadium Club.  Topps promises an on-card autograph guaranteed in every mini-box so collectors can likely expect three signed cards inside every box at a likely cost of $100-115.

There will be 12 boxes per case.

2014 Topps Stadium Club Jackie RobinsonTopps has put together some unique photos of past and present players for the set including Ted Williams in his military gear, Jackie Robinson signing autographs, and even Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz taking a selfie with President Barack Obama.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from 2014 Topps Finest Baseball when it arrives online and in card shops:

Base Parallel Cards – 1 Per Mini-Box
Rainbow Foil – 1 per Mini-Box
Gold Foil – 1 per Master Box
Electric Foil – 1:3 Mini Boxes
Foilboard – Sequentially numbered to 25
Members only – 1 per case

Derek Jeter 2014 Beam TeamBeam Team –25 stars – 1:3 mini boxes

• Gold Foil Parallel – 1 per hobby case

Legends Die Cuts – 10 retired legends on die-cut cards. 1:3 mini boxes

Future Stars Die Cuts –10 up-and-comers on die-cut cards. 1:3 mini boxes

• Gold Foil Parallel – sequentially numbered to 25

Field access – 25 never-before-seen photos. 1 per mini box

• Rainbow Foil Parallel – sequentially numbered to 99

Hanley Ramirez 2014 Stadium Club LuminousStadium Club Luminescent Clayton Kershaw

2014 Topps Stadium Yasiel Puig Illuminator •Electric Foil Parallel – sequentially numbered to 25

Triumverates will feature 30 stars in ten groups of three interlocking die-cut cards with three versions of each :

• luminous – 1:3 mini boxes

• luminescent – 1:4 master boxes

• illuminator – 1 per case

Autographed Cards

Over 50 stars will sign direBilly Hamilton auto 2014 Topps Stadiumctly on a version of their Stadium Club base card with parallels:

• Rainbow Foil – sequentially numbered to 50

• Gold Foil – sequentially numbered to 25

• Electric Foil – numbered 1/1

Mark McGwire Lone Star Signatures 2014 Stadium ClubLone Star Signatures will consist of ten stars who will sign on card in what Topps calls “a revival of the classic set”.

• Gold Foil Parallel – sequentially numbered to 10

• Electric Foil Parallel – numbered 1/1

Beam Team autographs – 15 subjects from the insert set will sign an autograph version. Sequentially numbered to 5.

Co-Signers 2014 Stadium Club Ken Griffey Jr Mike TroutCo-signers – 10 pairings of stars will both sign on-card. Sequentially numbered to 5.

1991 Autographed Buybacks – 10 classic cards will be acquired, and signed by the original stars, with a special foil stamp.  Sequentially numbered to 5.

You can check out Stadium Club cards on eBay here.

2014 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Checklist


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