2014 Topps Museum Football Preview

Along with 2015  Heritage Baseball, March 4 is also the release date for 2014 Topps Museum Football.  Museum Football is a higher end brand that will retail for around $200 per box.  Each master box will contain four packs with five cards per pack.

Topps promises each box will include:

  • 1 On-Card Autograph from “Signature Series” or “Framed Museum Collection”
  • 1 Autograph Relic from “Signature Swatches ” or Museum Jumbo Patch Autographs
  • 1 Jumbo Relic
  • 1 Quad Relic

Signature Swatch Dual EJohnny Manziel 2014 Topps Framed Auto Museumach 12-box case will contain one Museum Jumbo Relic Autograph and one Museum Collection Framed card with an on card autograph.

Autographed cards will include:

Signature Series featuring up to 50 of the top rookies, star veterans and  retired greats signing on card (no stickers) with these parallels:

Copper Parallel #’d to 50.

Gold Parallel #’d to 25.

Emerald Parallel #’d 1/1.

Silver Ink Parallel #’d to 5.

Gold Ink Parallel #’d to 5.

Signature Series Dual Auto Sanders PetersonDual Signature Series Autographs will include at least 10 Dual On-Card Autographs of top rookie, star veteran and retired great combinations. All will be numbered and Topps will produce these parallels:

Emerald Parallel #’d 1/1.

Silver Ink Parallel #’d to 5.

Gold Ink Parallel #’d to 5.

Museum Collection Framed Autographs will feature up to 35 of the NFL’s best Rookie, Veteran and retired greats with Framed On-card Autographs.  Silver and gold versions will be numbered with black frames as 1/1.

Museum Jumbo Patch Autographs will be numbered and includerookies signing on cards that include oversized NFL jersey patches.

Museum Jumbo Patches will have Copper Parallels numbered to 15, with golds numbered to 10.

Museum Jumbo Team Logo Patches will have 1/1 Emerald Parallels.

Signature Swatches Autographed Relics will have approximately 30 numbered Veteran and Star Rookie Autographs with an NFL jersey swatch and NFL jersey patch.

There will be dual relic versions including Copper Parallels numbered to 50,  Golds to 25 and 1/1 Emerald versions.

Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs will feature up to 25 Veteran and Star Rookie Autographs with two NFL jersey swatches and 1 NFL jersey patch.  Each will be numbered and there will be numbered parallels including Copper #’d to 50, Gold to 25 and 1/1 Emerald.

Pro Bowl Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs showcase up to ten NFL Pro Bowl Players featuring an autograph, NFL Pro Bowl jersey swatch and NFL Pro Bowl Jersey Patch with the same parallel breakdown as in the dual and triple relics.

Dual Pro Bowl Logo Patches will have 1/1 Emerald Parallels.

Museum Jumbo Relics will have up to 45 subjects featuring oversized pieces of NFL jersey swatches featuring both rookie and veteran subjects with parallels.

Museum 2014 Jumbo RelicMuseum Pro Bowl Jumbo Relics have up to 21 featured players with oversized pieces of their Pro Bowl jerseys and respective Parallels.

Museum Jumbo Logo Relics have up to 40 key rookies, top veterans and Pro Bowl players with Nike Jerseys featuring the Swoosh patch that are 1/1 while Museum Laundry Tag Relics feature up to 40 top rookies and veterans with the laundry tag from NFL jerseys and are also 1/1.

Dual Jumbo Relic Book Cards are numbered to five and will have oversized jersey patches.  Rookie and veteran combinations are planned.

Museum NFL Shields are 1/1 and have up to 50 subjects featuring Nike NFL shield logos from rookies, veterans and Pro Bowl players.

Pro Bowl Quad patch 2014 Topps MuseumMuseum Rookie Quad Relics feature three NFL jersey swatch pieces and one  NFL Jersey patch from top rookies with Copper, Gold and Emerald Parallel versions. Museum Pro Bowl Quad Relics add an  NFL Pro Bowl patch.

There are also Museum Four-Player Quad Relics featuring four pieces of NFL jersey swatches from top rookie and veteran combinations, again with the three parallel versions.

Each box will have a 1/1 Canvas Collection card which are reproductions of original art showcasing approximately 35 of the league’s top veterans and rookies on a canvas card stock.  There will be approximately ten 1/1 autographed versions signed by the players and 1/1 versions signed on the back by the artist who created the Colin Kaepernick 2014 Topps Museumwork.

The base set of 2014 Topps Museum Football will consist of 100 different rookies, veterans and retired players with these parallels:

  • Emerald #’d 1/1.
  • Ruby #’d to 50.
  • Sapphire #’d to 99.
  • Copper (“limited” according to Topps)

You can see Topps Museum football cards on eBay here.


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