2014 Topps Inception Football Box Break

When I picked up the Inception Football 2014 box the first thing which struck me was that it carried the Topps brand name because the baseball version is called “Bowman Inception.” What that means in simpler terms is the baseball issue focused on rookies and prospects while the football issue thus can include veteran players.

The other major difference between the baseball and the football release is the baseball product features nothing but hits while base cards are included as part of the football product. So that means although there are more cards, there are actually fewer hits in these boxes then in the baseball version. On the other hand, there are more cards in these boxes and thus more chances to receive one of the major hits of the key 2014 rookies. It is important to note when you see our break that all the hits do feature 2014 rookies.

Topps 2014 Inception Football boxInception Football 2014 is a hobby only product (you won’t find it at Drew Brees 2014 Topps InceptionTarget or Walmart).  It’s a seven-card pack housed in a box. Because of the nature of this product, there is nothing promised on the box.

My local card shop (Triple Cards, Plano TX) talked about how his clientele thought the cards were attractive and they do feature a color photo set against a multi-colored background with usually one primary color.  Triple Cards reported he sold out at approximately $100 per pack and would have loved to restock but was not able to do so at a level which made sense for his business. Currently leading on-line retailers are between $80-90 per box.

Here’s what we pulled:

Base Cards: Drew Brees, Torrey Smith and Earl Thomas

Eric Ebron Topps Inception 2014 Orange Parallel (#d to 40):  Roddy White

Rookie Relics Jumbo Patch Green (#d to 75) Eric Ebron

 2014 Inception Terrance West autoRookie Autograph:  Terrence West

Rookie Jumbo Autograph Patch Purple (#d to 50): Kelvin Benjamin

The cards do look nice and we did get three cards numbered to 75 or less. The autographed patch of Benjamin was a solid Kelvin Benjamin autograph patch card 2014 Topps Inceptionhit (although a sticker autograph) and hopefully either he or West (preferably both) become stars because otherwise $80-100 seems like a lot for this product.  Click here to check the eBay market for singles, sets, cases, case breaks and boxes.

We are about to see how the 2014 rookies will perform when the games truly count. That is part of the excitement of any rookie-based football issue.