The 2014 Super Bowl Program is How Big?

The 2014 Super Bowl program is pushing 300 pages.  Published by H.O. Zimman of Lynn, MA, the program will come in at least a couple of different versions; one sold at the site of Super Bowl XLVIII and the other sold through mail order and on newsstands.

Super Bowl XLVIII programThe National version will be bar-coded and feature the logos of the competing teams while the stadium version will have a hologram embedded on the cover as has been the tradition.

The league has produced a large program for the game since the first ‘AFL-NFL World Championship Game’ in Los Angeles in January of 1967, but since that time the program has more than doubled in size.

Work on the program begins long before the playoffs and when the Super Bowl XLVIII program is complete, it will have a whopping 288 pages.

The program will provide in-depth analysis of the competing teams, review of the season just completed, game-by-game history of the Super Bowl, and more than a dozen feature stories written by some of the most-respected football scribes in the country.

There also are features on: how the coldest weather has brought out the some NFL playoff history; families that have had fathers, sons, and/or brothers all compete in the Super Bowl; the unsung heroes who could have been named Super Bowl MVP, the game’s growth across the globe; and more.

You can order the program  here.  If you want the game day edition with the hologram, you may have to wait several days.