2014 Score Football Box Break/Review

A few months ago when we did a Rich’s Ramblings about the base card conundrum, we discovered a ton of collectors who would have been called a  “silent minority” back in the 1970’s who appreciate those cards and like being able to build sets at a good value which are reasonably comprehensive.

Score Football packThere is little doubt the 2014 Score football set is one of those comprehensive sets which appeal to old school collectors while still trying to keep those searching for hits from tuning out.  Panini has has sort of carved a niche for offering the earliest cards of the 2014 rookie class with this product (a class which promises to be a great deal better than the 2013 rookie crop).

LuckWith Johnny Football, Blake Bortles, A.J.McCarron and Teddy Bridgewater leading the quarterback brigade and the odds at least one-two more skill player rookies will break out, the new football issues should be better than last year’s.  If not, it could be a long year for card shops.

Because Score is a base issue, there are also tons of parallels and other inserts. Many collectors always like to talk about “value” out of what they get from packs, but in many cases as long as you are not going for a grand-slam home run, the best values on the relative scale come out of the cheapest products.

The 2014 Score Football release has 24 packs in a box with 12 cards per pack. That comes out to 288 cards.  My local card store (Triple Cards, Plano TX) has these boxes at $43.25 and had to restock as his collectors really enjoy paying only about15 cents per card across the board. On-line retailers are between $30-35 per box on 2014 Score football.

IMG_8125The white bordered cards feature cards which appear to be drawings along with the player name and position near the bottom. There are separate subsets for the top 100 players as well as for rookie cards. The backs have biographical information, an informational blurb and the last three season stats to go with career stats.

Here’s what we pulled:

Base Cards: I counted 258 cards with about 12 duplicates

Scorecard Series Parallels: Tim Jenkins, Peyton Manning (Top 100 subset), Mario Williams (Top 100 subset), Marcus Smith

Air Mail: Andrew Luck

Behind the Numbers: Julian Edelman, Mike Glennon

Brothers in Arms: Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles

Brothers in Arms Gold Parallel: Dallas Cowboys

Complete Players: Steve Smith, Zac Stacy

Destination End Zone: Vernon Davis

Destination End Zone: Red Parallel Jamaal Charles

Jadaveon Clowney Hot RookieField Commanders: Philip Rivers

Franchise: Arian Foster, Philip Rivers

Franchise Parallels: Arian Foster (Red), Tony Romo (Gold)

Hot Rookies: Kelvin Benjamin, Jadevon Clowney, Eric Ebron, Bruce Ellington, Carlos Hyde, Tom Savage

Numbers Game: Tom Brady/Andrew Luck; Larry Fitzgerald/Julio Jones; Alshon Jeffery/Jarius Wright; Ryan Tannehill/Philip Rivers

Future Franchise Swatches: Justin Houston

When I stopped in Triple Cards he mentioned that most of his collectors received the hit of either a jersey or an autograph however the box does not say the hit is guaranteed. Even without it, there is plenty to keep collectors happy at the box price point.  Score is a basic product and doesn’t claim to be anything more so if you long for the days when collecting was a little simpler and are ready to dive into a new NFL season, this is one to put on your list.

Click here to see 2014 Score Football available on eBay.