2014 Bowman Chrome Football Preview

2014 Bowman Chrome football will include 18 packs per box at a retail price of around $75.  A full checklist for the product is linked below.

Teddy Bridgewater 2014 Bowman Chrome rookieEach box will have one autographed card and Topps promises every fourth box will have a bonus autograph.

Every pack in this annual hobby exclusive product will have four cards.

The autograph lineup features refractors, die cuts and die-cut minis.

Bowman Chrome Football logoRookie Chrome Refractor Autograph cards will feature up to 75 members of the 2014 NFL Draft class with parallels ranging from 1/1 SuperFractors and Printing Plates to Blue Bordered versions that will be numbered to 199.

As for inserts, Topps Shelf Rookies will feature up to 30 of the most sought-after impact rookies and come packed one per box, again with parallel versions as follows:

Die-Cut Gold: #’d to 50.

Johnny Manziel rookie card 2014 Bowman Chrome footballDie-Cut X-Fractor: #’d to 10.

Die-Cut Pulsar Refractor Autograph: #’d to 5.

Die-Cut SuperFractor Autograph: #’d 1/1.

Franchise Futures Die-Cut Minis will highlight 15 franchise rookies in a mini die-cut card with one per box and the following parallels:

Die-Cut Gold: 1 per case

Die-Cut X-Fractor: #’d to 10.

2014 Bowman Chrome rookie auto Jadeveon ClowneyBowman’s Best Die-Cut has up to to 25 of the best from the 2014 NFL Draft Class and you’ll find two in each box with these possible:

Die-Cut Gold: #’d to 50.

Die-Cut X-Fractor: #’d to 10.

Die-Cut Pulsar Refractor Autograph: #’d to 5.

Die-Cut SuperFractor Autograph: #’d 1/1.

Base set collectors will see a set with 220 players, including both rookie and veteran players with Refractor versions in every fourth pack.  You’ll also find:

Pulsar Refractor: Sequentially #’d 1 per box

Black Bordered Refractor: #’d to 299.

Blue Bordered Refractor: #’d to 199.

Bubbles Refractor: #’d to 99.

Gold Bordered Refractor: #’d to 50.

Red Bordered Refractor: #’d to 25.

X-Fractor: #’d to 10

Prism Refractor: #’d to 5.

SuperFractor: #’d 1 of 1.

Printing Plates: #’d 1 of 1.

Fifty rookie cards will have a photo variation to chase.

See hobby boxes and cases for sale on eBay here.

2014 Bowman Chrome Football Checklist