2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball Preview

Topps Opening Day baseball cards are a kid-friendly product that will return for another season.   The company insists it sells well at the retail level, offering an affordable price point for youngsters or their parents.   That’s apparently why the brand continues to be a staple of the Topps product line year after year.  It’s released almost simultaneously with the slightly pricier traditional Topps base brand.

Late last week, Topps revealed some preliminary images, a checklist and more information on next year’s issue.

2013 Topps Opening Day will again consist of 220 cards all reprinted from the flagship with at least one insert in every seven-card, 99-cent pack (Topps’ lowest cost baseball cards).  Each box will contain 36 packs of seven cards.

Inserts in 2013 Opening Day include:  Superstar Celebrations (25), 3-D Opening Day Stars (25) as well as two others called “Play Hard” and “Ballpark Fun”.

Parallels serial-numbered to 2013 copies will be available for all 220 cards as will a 1-1 set of four Printing Plates which will also be randomly inserted.  Ten players Topps has labeled ‘superstars’ will sign for the product and there will be five ‘mascot autographs’ as well, lending more credence toward Topps’ desire to push this product toward the very young.

Mainstream collectors will also get a sneak peek at 75 cards from the base brand’s Series II product, set for release later in the spring.

2013 Topps Opening Day will be released the week of February 6.   You can see over 7,000 listings for past and present Opening Day issues on eBay here.

2013 Opening Day Baseball Checklist – HOBBY