2013 Topps Chrome Baseball to Return with Familiar Formula

by Chris Harris

Topps Chrome. Year in and year out, there is no product more polarizing than Chrome.  Some collectors love the upgraded aluminum foil stock and countless Refractor parallels.  Others cannot see the point of buying cards they already have.  No doubt, Chrome is a product you either love or hate; there’s not much middle ground here.

With that said, Topps seems to know what the former group wants and 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball is geared towards the “Chromie” demographic.  Each 24-pack Hobby box will include two autographs and the usual throng of Refractors.

Bryce Harper 2013 Topps ChromeThe base set will consist of a mixture of 220 Series One and Series Two cards and be made available in at least ten different Refractor parallels – eight of which will be serial-numbered. All of the same colors from last year’s set will return.

For many, the highlight of 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball are the autographed rookies.  All will be signed on-card and have a minimum of nine Refractor parallels.  All serial-numbered to 499 copies or less.  Other autographs, which all appear to be of the sticker variety, are the Back-To-Back Die-Cuts (with a sticker autograph on each side and serial-numbered to only five copies each), Autographed Chrome Buybacks (numbered to ten each), Triple Autographs (numbered to five), and Auto Patch Base Card Variations (numbered to ten each), with a massive swatch of jersey patch material.

The Red Hot Rookies, which were a redemption insert in Topps from 2008-2010, will return as an autographed insert in 2013 Topps Chrome Baseball.  This ten-card set will all be serial-numbered to 25 copies.

Completing 2013 Chrome are a pair of inserts: the all-die-cut Connections, and a series based on the design of the 1972 Topps set.  Autographed versions for both and Relics for the Connections will also be inserted.

2013 Topps Chrome Baseball will be released the week of August 28.  See the photo gallery of preview cards below.