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2013 Panini Totally Certified Football Box Break/Review

The current football season has been very frustrating for almost all concerned in that with the exception of a few teams and players there have not really been many feel-good stories in 2013. If you think about the leading football stories of 2013 they have tended to be about the burgeoning concussion and safety issue for players and the Miami Dolphins bullying issue. You’ve got to admit whenever a leading character in a story is named “Incognito”, that almost guarantees a good story.  And the football card market is suffering in the same way as with a weak rookie class, the card products come out of the gate with several strikes against them.

2013 Panini Certified Football box2013 Panini Totally Certified is yet another of those issues which are really good in theory but the values of the cards are not up to the levels of the previous couple of seasons.  There are years like this in the card collecting field such as 1991 football which later got saved by Brett Favre’s emergence or 1994 football in which the players never truly developed into stars. So, as I frequently discuss with the owner/operator of my local card store, there is not much card companies can do to really boost up 2013 football products and his response is just to order less. He did mention today he would be taking a shot in 2014 to return to his previous stock levels as the leading draft picks are all scheduled to be quarterbacks including Johnny “Football” Manziel.

The HRX video cards do not return this year and Panini has changed up the look and feel of this long running product.

panini-america-2013-totally-certified-football-thanksgiving-56One aspect of the Totally Certified base sets which is very innovative is the Thanksgiving game sub set. A really cool subset of 50 cards featuring star players who appeared in Thanksgiving games.  As almost all fans and collectors can tell you, those games are among the most watched, especially here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where the Cowboys play every year. A hidden advantage to those games for the Cowboys is not only do they get to play that game at home but they are also guaranteed a long break between games which is almost as if they receive another bye.

Cert2My local card store (Triple Cards, Plano TX) reported decent sales at $120 per box but he did mention his order was less than he had done in previous years. As of today, leading on-line retailers are currently at the $110-115 level for an unopened box. These boxes contain six packs and five cards per pack and the box mentions that each card has either one rookie or one parallel and one autograph or memorabilia card per box. Needless to say, this means each pack does guarantee some value to the collector.

Here’s what we pulled:

Base Cards (1-50): Six cards

Thanksgiving Cards: (51-100); 14 cards

Cert1Rookie Phenoms Cards (211-250): five cards

Cert3Red Parallel (No Serial Number): Earl Campbell

Red Materials (#d to 299): DeAngelo Hall, Philip Rivers

Blue Materials (#d to 99) Rahim Moore

Freshman Phenoms Signatures: Travis Kelce

Freshman Phenoms Red Parallel #d to 99): Sam Montgomery

Blue Signatures (#d to 99) This also includes a jersey piece: Knile Davis

While we did not get any “big” hits from our box, Totally Certified did at least deliver what was promised.  At its current price levels, it may be a tough sell but Certified has been popular through the years and it’s not likely that a down year will mean its downfall.

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