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2013 Leaf Sports Heroes Promises Six Autographs Per Box

Collectors will have one more product to consider before turning the calendar to a new year with the arrival of 2013 Leaf Sports Heroes, a new multi-sport issue.  The Dallas-card manufacturer has combined no fewer than 12 different types of competition into a product that offers six autographed cards per box with no base cards.  One online retailer is offering them at $119 per one-pack box.  Others may be slightly higher.

“We wanted to make a statement with regard to the legends and superstars in this set,” said Leaf President Brian Gray. “So we went after the top performers in their respective sports and we are extremely pleased with the result.”

2013 Leaf Heroes Autographs

While the set includes a multitude of athletes and personalities past and present, there are numerous Baseball Hall of Famers Johnny Bench Leaf Team of Dreams autographwho have signed for the product.  The “Team of Dreams” autographed cards, limited to just 25 apiece, commemorate the exciting reunion of a number of baseball legends that competed earlier this year at the actual “Field of Dreams” venue in Iowa. Barry Sanders Leaf Heroes autoParticipants included Rickey Henderson, Carlton Fisk, Jim Rice, Wade Boggs, Reggie Jackson, Ozzie Smith, Jim Palmer, Dwight Gooden, Paul Molitor and Pete Rose, among others.

Utilizing more than 10 different subsets, Sports Heroes will have a base set that features more than 120 legends of sports, from Larry Bird and Jack Nicklaus to Gordie Howe and Barry Sanders. From Nancy Kerrigan and Alex Morgan to Ichiro and Mike Tyson.

Loyalty Autographs features signed cards from athletes who’ve spent their entire career with one team.

Multi-signed cards include a hobby first, a “Derby Winner” tribute card, signed by eight well-known jockeys as well as dual-autograph cards for the two men who rode Secretariat (trainer Charlie Davis and rider Ron Turcotte).

The various subsets, which all hold multiple autographed parallels as limited as 1/1, cover the spectrum of sports: “Canton’s Finest” and “Springfield’s Finest,” for instance both feature Hall of Famers in their respective sports of football and basketball; “Going for the Gold” autographs showcase Olympic greats like Hope Solo, Carly Patterson, David Robinson and Misty Mae-Treanor; and “Ring Legends” spotlights boxing, wrestling and MMA stars like Sugar Shane Mosley, Roddy Rowdy Piper and Royce Gracie.

Springfields Finest Cantons Finest Leaf

The “Legends of Sport” subset holds greats like Frank Thomas, Chipper Jones and Sugar Ray Leonard.

There is a breast cancer “tribute” set that may stretch the bounds of taste with some on-card verbiage.

The “USA Signatures” collection pairs autographs from some of the greatest Olympians in history on the same card including Nancy Kerrigan/Kristi Yamaguchi, Janet Evans/Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis/Lolo Jones and Alex Morgan/Mia Hamm.

2013 Leaf Sports Heroes arrived in shops last week. If you don’t have a shop nearby that carries them, you can find boxes here.

Nearly 2,000 singles and lots are currently on eBay, providing a glimpse of the type of content in boxes. Click here to see them.

The list of short prints in the product is below:

Base (Unnumbered) Autographs (only base version is short printed):

Barry Sanders     5

Bruce Sutter        5

Buster Douglas   15

Carlton Fisk         13

Clyde Drexler      17

Frank Gifford      19

Greg Maddux      5

Hakeem Olajuwon 17

Jean Cruguet      15

Jim Bunning        6

Jim Kelly               6

Larry Bird             5

Luis Aparicio       15

Marshall Faulk    18

Oscar Robertson 19

Pat Riley              7

Red Schoendienst  8

Steve Carlton      5

Tommy Lasorda 15

Tony Perez          5

Warren Moon    15

Whitey Ford        8


“Canton’s Finest” (Unnumbered) Autographs (only base version is short printed):

Bob St. Clair1      10

John Hannah       5

“Springfield’s Finest” (Unnumbered) Autographs (only base version is short printed):

Clyde Drexler      17

“Loyalty” (Unnumbered) Autographs (only base version is short printed):

Bill Mazeroski     12

Whitey Ford        8

“Ring Legends” (Unnumbered) Autographs (only base version is short printed):

Buster Douglas   14

Riddick Bowe      15

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